Errors Related to SEO Service in 5 Steps

Errors Related to SEO Service in 5 Steps

Companies that provide SEO Services make a lot of mistakes in this regard. We will tell you in detail what these errors consist of.

        -URL and Title Description Text

   URL structures should not be auto-filled based on the title. For example, when you create a title;
The URL structure of a title such as "How to do seo service 2022" should not be made with titles like "seo-service-how-to-2022", in fact, you will get more efficiency if you have a URL structure in the style of "seo-service".
*This method is used only if the volume of the relevant keyword is directly in 2022.

        -Content A strong introduction to article writing

We want you to know that producing effective, user-experienced and hit-oriented content is the most important input to increase site hits. The users who come to the site are not interested in the design of your site, what they want is the content you wrote there, and the more beautiful and insightful the article written in this content, the longer the users will stay on your site and the longer the site will last.

        -Creating Intermediate Titles (H1,H2 concordances)

Intermediate headers generally have two main advantages. Firstly; It is to make the subject more legible by dividing it into two. You can improve the written article by using H1, H2 tags.
The two of them are; You can attract hits to your site with keyword variations of the subheadings.

        -Getting more attention with evidence

The introduction with a beautiful and powerful article will not be enough, you need to feed it with evidence and the user should read that text to the end without getting bored during the transitions. In response to the question of how do I do these, the user should be asked questions about how he will make progress, and the answers should be clear and intelligible.

        -Design and Server

Google always checks the coding structure in the theme of the site with Google Bots. The better the writing of the codes on your site, the more search hits in the desired keyword will increase. Not only the theme, but also the server (hosting) speed is one of the most important reasons. Google Bots control the opening speed of your site and the faster the site loads, the faster the articles you write will be indexed in the search engines with the desired keyword.

        -In-Site Linking

In many reviews, internal links are sometimes vital. It is more beneficial if internal links are made into relevant articles, if you have a different article about the content. For example; "What is SEO Service?" You can access our content via the relevant link.

        -Youtube Videos

What are the most basic benefits of Youtube right now and it has a lot of importance.
  - Using the Videos Schema, you can report to Google that there are VIDEOs in the articles on the site via Webmaster Tools
  - You can use Video Sitemap to index your videos faster. For example;
  - You can support your articles with videos to make them more understandable and thus increase the hit on your site.
  - You can get more hits from your videos on Youtube.

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