Google SEO Service and New "SpamBrain" December Update

Google SEO Service and New "SpamBrain" December Update

We can state that "SpamBrain", the most important 2022 December year-end update to block Google SEO Service, is the most effective way to reduce the impact of unnatural links on search results.

Unnatural "Spam" link struggle with SpamBrain

We consistently say that "spam" links are the best update for testpit against getting specific/unspecific backlinks on sites. In this way, it has been fully stated with the "SpamBrain" update that the site owners will also fall from the rankings if they receive too many backlinks.

What impact will the SpamBrain update have on the site?

As an update, we can say that the best update so far has been created with a new backlinking algorithm against site owners who are constantly getting extremely high links. This update will be fully available in approximately two weeks. In order to make Google a clean place, all spammy links will be neutralized, as well as rankings on sites with unnatural links will also change. This update is expected to affect all languages, not just one language.

As we always tell you; Most importantly, all backlinks from sites whose search rankings are completely manipulated will be called spam links. Manual processes and Algorithms will continue to be developed to completely clean and neutralize sites with unnatural backlinks.

Despite all the efforts, getting spam backlinks always caused serious penalties in the rankings of the sites, and with the "SpamBrain" update that came in December 2022, we see that those who use this structure will go to the top. Firms/organizations providing SEO Service need to pay more attention to this new structure. The algorithms that will come in the near future also guarantee that they will take more control of the natural content of the site.

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