Getting to the top of competitive keywords with SEO

Getting to the top of competitive keywords with SEO.

In a site with high keyword competition, going up with SEO and companies providing seo services are at very difficult levels with high competition on search engines. The most effective reasons for these are the widespread use of the internet today, the creation of websites by companies that do not have a website, and the increase in the user base. With the increase in internet usage, the desire of companies to have SEO work is also increasing.

Today, we see that the competition is increasing due to the companies that provide SEO Services, starting from the website setup stage for the websites they will do SEO work on. The criteria for keywords used for searches on search engines are constantly changing, and seo strategies are also constantly being changed by companies that provide seo services. In fact, if we look at today's criteria, SEO service requires SEO work to be done with time and effort.

One of the most important and top priority actions to be taken in order to rank at the top of Google and other search engines comes from finding keywords.

Keywords consist of words that focus on the purpose of describing the website. We can show you an example of words that can be created as a category or sector of your website.

Why is choosing keywords important for SEO work? Search engines, maps, etc. on the Internet. It is best to start with the right keyword to choose to be visible in places like: If; If you choose the keywords correctly, you will configure your target audience in this way, and the searches made with the keywords created on all other search engines, especially Google, will allow you to be on the top pages and you will have the most important element in SEO work.

When choosing a keyword, make sure to start with a long keyword. The reason for this is that with the selected long keyword, the best description of your business and low competition rate will enable you to rank in the top rankings in Google search engine and other search engines, strategically, in a shorter time and easily.

Title Selection and Meta Tags Selections

Meta tags should also be used in the Title that you will create first with the keywords you have specified. In addition, it is necessary to write content related to the title you have created, and this content must be written in an original and completely in accordance with the spelling rules. It is also very important to make social bookmarks such as "description", "open graph api", "google schema" in the sharing of the content you have made and in all the article articles you will make, and it is even necessary to use 200 characters for "description" and to include keywords in it.

Image Optimization for SEO

The "visual" images on your website that will be added to your website must be optimized. You'll be wondering why "image optimization" is needed. The reason for this is that your website needs to be opened fast and the more "images" you will add to your site, the faster the opening will be if the image is compressed. Of course, if one of the features requested by Google is coding as 100X100, a "visual" image with the size of 500X500 should not be added to this image field. It will be more positive and better for you not to do SEO work with companies that provide SEO Services that do this kind of operation. The visual actually affects the visitors to your website. "Visual", that is, adding a sub-description to the images and being related to the created image will bring you up in the Google "IMAGES" Images section.

Supporting SEO work with backlinks

First of all, what are backlinks? You will say, and let us explain it to you immediately. "link", "url" links that direct you to your website with keywords are called links. Sharing a "link" under a keyword on an external site to your website increases the authority of your website by promoting your site as a reference. It is always useful to be careful when making such backs. Backlink work should definitely be related to your website or industry so that you can get more efficiency. For example; Not to be shared in the construction industry for a related site in the seo service industry

As Falcon X Company; We can do your SEO work and it is to ensure that you rank in the top 5 on search engines.

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