Google's quality guidelines and guidelines for SEO

Google's quality guidelines and guidelines for SEO

  Google has general guidelines for webmasters that (if followed) will make it easier for your website to be found (crawled), indexed (indexed), and ranked (ranked). In addition, the so-called quality guidelines describe illegal SEO practices known as search engine spam.

  Search engine spam describes all methods to manipulate search engine rankings. If you use such SEO measures, you risk ...your visibility in search results is permanently reduced or...

In the worst case, your website will be completely banned from the Google index.

In principle, it is (almost always) possible to reverse Google penalties by correcting the reason for the penalty and submitting a request for reconsideration. A review has been requested in Google Search Console.

  A review request is only required if there is a manual Google penalty. In this case, you will receive a notification in the Google Search Console. In the case of an algorithmic penalty, a request for reconsideration is not required. Either way, the reason for the Google penalty needs to be addressed.

  Optimization using methods that are not desirable by search engines is often called Black Hat SEO (Black Hat Search Engine Optimization). The opposite is White Hat SEO (White Hat Search Engine Optimization).

  What is a search engine optimizer or SEO manager?
  Good search engine optimization can accomplish a lot - but it also takes a lot of commitment and practice. That's what SEO managers are for. Anyone working in this area of ​​online marketing considers all aspects of SEO and does the "background work" necessary for good Google rankings, including:

-Keyword research
-SEO strategy development
-Competitor analysis and reverse engineering of top competitors
-Technical SEO, also known as on-site optimization
-On-Page Optimization
-Off-page optimization link building with focus on link building
-Content Strategy Development
-Managing demand-driven content marketing

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