Steps for E-commerce

Steps for E-commerce

From knowing your audience to how best to shape your content, Falcon X's guide will help you create great content for your store and delight your customers.

Developing a well-functioning eCommerce content strategy is not an easy task, but it is one that you should definitely get involved in. If you do it right, your online store will be found in search results for the right topics; this means you will reach new visitors each month who will spend money on your online store and ideally will be happy, returning customers.

How does this work? By creating unique, well-structured and engaging content. In this article, I'll show you 5 steps on the path to a content strategy for winners.

If this is going too fast for you and you want to learn how to find the most important keywords for your online store first, check out my eCommerce keyword research guide first.

1. Understand your target group - A to Z!

The best product descriptions and blog articles are not written for everyone, but for a very specific target group: your main customers. These are no longer people who automatically follow you on social media, but people who actually buy your products.

Finding out who these people are is an art. So use all the data and customer information you can get. Your analytics tools (like Google Analytics) already have basic demographic information about y

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