What does SEO do for companies?

What does SEO do for companies?

You probably already guessed:
SEO doesn't just happen on the side. Of course, the question arises whether this effort is really worth it. Well, see for yourself - here are 2 good reasons to choose SEO:

1. Organic search is the most powerful and profitable online marketing channel.
Organic search (primarily Google) has greatly improved in recent years in delivering results that match users' search intent. According to research by BrightEdge, organic search accounts for 53.3% of all web traffic. This makes organic search the most important source of visitors and the most powerful online marketing channel.

So what should companies think about?
Content marketing: Targeted content increases traffic and converts prospects into customers.
Data-driven content strategies: To stay competitive, companies must invest in search engine-optimized and user-centric content. This means content that is discoverable, relevant, optimized for intent, measurable and profitable.
Data Analysis: A large amount of relevant and up-to-date data is required to successfully optimize for search engines. This is the only way for companies to understand their target groups and tastes and provide ideal products and services.

2. With SEO content, you can choose your target group at different stages.
No one makes a purchase decision without doing some research first. So instead of just focusing on “Sell-Sell-Sell!”, you can use Google Optimization to get your attention early in the decision-making process. In this way, you can reach a significantly wider audience and steer the purchase decision in your direction at an early stage.

Yes, it takes some time to fully SEO optimize a page, and yes, it takes some patience to see the first results. But in the long run, high-quality content and well-maintained websites will surely become successful and will comfortably rank high. We can say from experience: Google rewards comprehensive work - not only today and tomorrow, but even years from now.

SEO and content marketing can provide a large amount of quality traffic that converts better than "cold" marketing. Yes, it may be a significant investment, but one that will yield a huge return on investment (ROI) over the long term.

Concrete example:
Let's say you invest monthly in SEO efforts, whether internal or external. Little or nothing happens in the first few months. Gradually, however, organic traffic and organic leads or sales increase. If the effort remains the same, the cost per click and cost per conversion continue to fall. SEO scales and even if you do a little less, you lose relatively little visibility.

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