What is Professional SEO Service? How to Write SEO Compatible Article?

What is Professional SEO Service? How to Write SEO Compatible Article.

Our subject is professional seo service made according to the wishes of each site owner, and how to write an seo compatible article to be published on the site? To become a truly expert and professional in the SEO industry, you need to have a long history. It is necessary to do features such as managing different sites and knowing code for many years. Today, there are people and institutions that make statements such as "I am an SEO Expert", "I am providing professional SEO services". It is always one of the most important elements to know that these institutions should be asked for their references to see if they have any history before and even talk to the owners of the sites they are dealing with.

A real professional SEO expert should always examine the sites first and point out the shortcomings on the site. I seem to hear you say what are these deficiencies and what kind of arrangement should be made, and of course I have to say what everyone should know.

Here are some of the most important examples:

   * Site design and coding structure within the site
   * If your site has more than 1 LANGUAGE, making their URL extensions.
   * Creation of "META" for each extension
   * Placing "Map" at the bottom of the homepage.
   * Preparing a blog and making a blog feed with original text content.

These are actually operations that everyone knows and tries to do, and because they are applied in a very wrong way, "keyword" - "keywords" comes to the bottom pages in search engines, and even worse, "SPAM" leads to the site not appearing in search engines at all.

How to write an SEO Compatible Article?

The content texts that search engines love the most, as it is always known, should be included with an "original" article text. If you ask how we can write these articles or how we can create beautiful and "original" content; Of course, your priority should be to determine your "keyword". You need to somehow collect the most written titles related to this "keyword", but by making changes in these titles, it is necessary to make them different and even "original".

We continue in order, and in the next stage, the most important thing is that you should write more detailed content by the other party (the readership) in the article you wrote, even by adding "visual content, video content" between the articles, you can provide better information to the other party (the readership), and even If he likes the article you wrote, you can share it around.

When the article software is finished, one of the most important things is how will you make the URL structure and what kind of content will you include in this URL structure? This is the most detailed event that everyone acts on the "Title" and this is very wrong. You should use a short and concise URL structure so that "search engine bots" realize how unique it is.

As Falcon X company, we inform you that we provide Professional SEO Services, so that you can reach us from the contact section and manage your questions at any time. If you want more information and content, you can follow us on our social media accounts.

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