What is programming?

                         What is programming?

Software is briefly explained as a set of instructions used to run computers and perform certain tasks. Software, consisting of data or programming, is a term used for applications, scripts, and programs that run on a device and can be developed for multiple domains. Software appears to be the variable part.

                           What is the place of software in our life?

  If we look at the history of software, Alan Turing first used the theory of software in a paper in 1935. However, the word program was coined by mathematician and statistician John Tukey in an article in the 1958 issue of American Mathematical Monthly discussing programs for electronic calculators. Today, with the number of personal computers in the world exceeding billions, software is everywhere in our lives.


  There are billions of mobile users in the world today. Each of these devices is equipped with an operating system, which is a complex software with many interrelated functions. Companies and individuals around the world use software for a variety of purposes. Today software is a part of our life.


Advantages of programming

o It helps to make our life more comfortable.

o It helps to communicate with people from all over the world.

o It enables instant access to any information or product needed at any moment of our life.

o Help reduce costs by automating routine tasks.

o Increases efficiency in business processes.

o Reduces paper transactions.

o Enables fast communication in business life.


Key features of programming?

Accessibility: The degree to which people can comfortably use the software, including those with adaptive technology needs, is high.

Compatibility: Determines the suitability of the software for use in different environments such as different operating systems, devices and browsers.

Reliability: Defined as the ability of software to perform well without expending energy, resources, effort, time and money.

Functionality: Defined as the ability of software to perform specified functions.

Installability: Determines the software's ability to be installed in a given environment.

Localization: Defined as the different languages, time zones, and other similar features that a program can run in.

Continuity: Add and improve features, fix bugs, and more. including explanations such as how easily the software can be modified.

Performance: Determines how fast the program runs under a given load.

Portable: Allows the software to be easily moved from one place to another

Reliability: Defines the ability of software to perform a required function without error for a specified period of time under specified conditions.

Scalability: Determines the extent to which software can increase or decrease performance in response to changes in processing requirements.

Security: The software protects against unauthorized access, privacy breaches, theft, data loss, malware, etc. protected against. provides protection against has features such as protection against.

Usability : Refers to how easy the program is to use.

                          What are the most commonly used programming languages?

                                          .C++ .Java .Python C# .HTML .PHP .ASP .SQL .CSS .JS

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