What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is the most effective marketing strategy in which videos, images and texts are shared with a specific brand, product, company promotion and sales focus on Social Media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., where creative, creative and more attractive videos, images or content texts are shared for SMM management. It consists of keeping people, institutions or companies up-to-date on all platforms and considering their innovations. Today, everyone uses Social Media a lot and interacts with those shared here, namely comments, likes, tagging and sharing.

With the shares made on Social Media, you attract people's attention and depend on the creativity and creativity of the people who produce the content. It is not easy to be noticed anymore, the content made may not be good at all, and the reasons for these are creativity and not thinking about the other side.

What can be done to be noticed on Social Media?

* Preparing a creative image
* Preparation of an impressive content text
* Correct labeling
* At least 2 posts per day
* Making reminders with short stories at certain times of the day.
* Reply to comments if any, or posting counter-interactions
* Creation of promotional ads

Doing the above-mentioned transactions on a regular basis every day and then you can see your rises in a short time yourself.

How to make a Strategy with Ads in Social Media?

It is necessary for companies to reach more audiences, such as an interactive advertising strategy with SMM (Social Media Marketing) for their self-created brands, and it will enable them to increase the visibility of their brands through SMM. In traditional marketing, with the preparation of the target audience, the cost will be high to reach that target audience exactly. With social media marketing, you can reach the right target audience with lower budgets and allow you to reach more people. Another importance of Social Media Marketing is realized in a shorter time by providing mutual, that is, bilateral interaction. In case of a positive or negative situation related to the product or service, consumers express their complaints to the brand or companies through their social media accounts, allowing them to be resolved in a shorter time, providing convenience and savings to prevent disaster in the future.

With Social Media Marketing, its advantage is getting more. Some of the possibilities are the opportunities to give spot-on advertisements in social media marketing by optimizing the target audience by creating data in cases such as the creation of special target audiences such as Location, Demographic information, what users are interested in, the behavior of consumers (good comments, bad comments) and showing your ads to the target audience you want. It shows how important the power of the media is.

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